Exotic Duo Sorrel Crochet Hook



Introducing Ophire Co.'s Exotic Duo crochet hooks, crafted from a harmonious blend of exotic Bloodwood and Birdseye Maple. These crochet hooks are a true masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted to combine elegance, functionality, and the natural beauty of these exceptional woods.

The body of the crochet hook showcases the deep, rich hues of Bloodwood, a striking timber known for its distinct reddish-brown coloration. Complementing the vibrant Bloodwood, the opposing half of the crochet hook features the delicate beauty of Birdseye Maple. With its light cream-colored base, the wood exhibits enchanting patterns of tiny swirling "bird's eye" formations scattered throughout, reminiscent of nature's delicate brushstrokes. 

Together, the combination of Bloodwood and Birdseye Maple in these crochet hooks are a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each hook is meticulously carved, sanded, and polished to ensure a flawless finish that glides smoothly through yarn, making every stitch a joyous experience.

The gentle curves and contours of the handle provide a comfortable and ergonomic grip, allowing for hours of effortless crocheting pleasure. Utilizing Ophire Co.'s signature pointed tip, this crochet hook is expertly crafted to a fine, tapered point, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through stitches with precision and accuracy. Whether you're working on complex lace patterns, delicate edging, or intricate designs, this hook enables you to easily insert it into tight spaces and achieve crisp, defined stitches.

Each Hook measures approximately 6 inches long. Proudly made in the USA. listed price is applicable for each individual crochet hook.