Hey there, lovely people! I’m Ashlie, the creative force behind Ophire Co.Started in 2022 out of my house in the beautiful Arizona. I’ve been crocheting since I was 11, thanks to my grandmother who taught me. Scarves were my jam back then and the only thing I could make (lol).

Fast forward to 2016, I picked up crocheting again to tackle my depression and anxiety head-on. I finally started expanding my skills into wearables. It took me a few years to understand yarn compositions and pattern reading to get it down but I got to a good enough place to start designing my own patterns!

In 2018, fueled by this newfound passion, I started sharing my designs through my personal blog. However, juggling the demands of a full-time job alongside my pattern designing proved to be overwhelming. Despite my love for designing patterns, the relentless pace took its toll, and I reluctantly had to let go of my blog.
My professional journey has been filled with toxic work environments, leaving me feeling like the conventional 9-5 jobs wasn't for me. The realization dawned upon me that I didn’t fit into the typical mold, and after my last corporate stint, I knew I needed a change. 
So I went back to what I knew which was crochet. Even though pattern designing didn’t really work for me I knew I still wanted to contribute something to the fiber community and still be apart of it. So I thought what was missing? Well I landed on a crochet hook. Inspired by the absence of a hook that perfectly aligned with my preferences, I set out to design one that held all the qualities I sought – lightweight, All the SPARKLE, comfortable, and affordable.
Thus, Ophire Co. was born out of passion and necessity. What began as a side venture while juggling a full-time job soon became my sole focus when being let go pushed me to a crossroads. Embracing the uncertainty, I took a leap of faith and committed myself entirely to Ophire.
As I immersed myself in the world of entrepreneurship, I began to shape Ophire’s identity. Beyond just a product, it became a symbol of inclusivity, creativity, and positivity. In a world marred by division and turmoil, I aspire to foster a community where individuals can find solace in creativity, a haven where they can simply create and thrive.
So, welcome to Ophire Co., where crochet isn’t just a craft – it’s a catalyst for connection, inspiration, and empowerment. Together, let’s crochet a tapestry of creativity and kindness, one stitch at a time.