Hi there! today we are joined by the Lovely Larissa of Refined Vibes she is going to talk more about our collaboration of the Lucia line!


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Hello friends,

My name is Larissa Montejano and I am the owner of Refined Vibes. I started Refined Vibes back in April of 2022, what started as a mommy and me T-shirt business turned into a handmade crochet business a whole year later in April of 2023. When I started crocheting I really only intended it to be a hobby. I was working a full-time clinic job that would cause me immense stress and I was unhappy. I was looking for an escape so I decided to pick up a book and a hook and try my hand at crochet in June of 2022. After diving in and absolutely falling in love with the art, I quit my full time job and decided to pursue crochet as a career. I picked up a five year old camera I had at home and decided to record my markets, inventory, and my feelings as a video diary for YouTube. I had no intention of being a “content creator”. During this whole crochet journey, I was learning about hooks and I remember stumbling across Ophire Co. when I was swiping through Instagram. When I tell you my jaw actually dropped from how in love I was when I saw their hooks for the first time. I was even more in love when I found out that the company was woman owned.

I am so incredibly proud and emotional to write that now in May of 2024 we have come together to create a crochet hook collaboration. The hook collection is named “Lucia” after my beautiful grandmother. This hook means much more to me than just the hook color. Ophire Co. and I have decided to take profits from this line and donate to a local non-profit in Las Vegas, Nevada. When Ophire Co. asked me what my “why” for the hook line was, I knew right away. Everything I do I have one person in my mind and that is Claudia Ann Lucero. Claudia was my best friend when I was younger, she sadly passed away when we were fourteen. She loved the color purple so that is the reason the “Lucia” hooks are the beautiful purple you see. Please be advised that what I am about to say could be triggering for some. My best friend Claudia was sadly kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and murdered at the age of fourteen. That is why we chose The Embracing Project to be the non-profit organization we donate a portion of the profits to. The Embracing Project supports youth survivors of sexual exploitation by offering healing and mentoring services. They have resources like trauma informed care, they have therapists in their facility to help their youth. I got to tour the facility and I was so incredibly honored to meet and speak to their team. I am a sexual assault survivor myself, I wish I would have had a program like The Embracing project in my area when I was twelve. Being in this position now at twenty five and possibly being the difference for someone right now that is in this organization feels almost full circle. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have an opportunity like this. Whoever is reading this, if you have had someone close to you, or are a survivor yourself know you are not alone. You are more than what has happened to you, and it was never your fault. This collaboration is more than a color, it’s about community.

 More ways to give back:

- Donate a handmade crocheted item like a plushies, hats or accessories.

- Donate necessities like socks, underwear, hair care products and other toiletries.

(Ages range from 12- 21)

The Embracing Project
800 E Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV  89104
United States
(Please include a note saying your item is a donation)