About the Designer:
Gabrielle has been crocheting for over 20 years. With the support of her family she started her Etsy shop in 2014. In 2022 she has set a goal to become a designer published in magazines. The goal was quickly achieved thanks to the faith that Crochet Foundry & Crochet World had in her designs. Working with others in the crochet community has been the highlight of her recent adventures. Gabby hopes to continue to learn and even inspire others to pick up a hook!
“Shawl Me Some Love” is an elegant and airy crochet shawl that is perfect for summer nights. This shawl features flowing hearts that are crocheted into the design. The use of bulky yarn makes this shawl a quick and easy project to complete. The finished shawl is not only stunning but also functional, providing warmth and comfort to the wearer. Whether you are looking to make something special for yourself or to gift to a loved one, “Shawl Me Some Love” is a perfect pattern choice that is sure to impress. Get ready to crochet your way into love!



700 yards of Bulky weight #5 yarn in desired color

Crochet Hook: L / 8.00 mm


Embroidery Needle


50 inches wide x 16 inches tall Gauge 2 inches = 1 V Puff Stitch + 3 Chains / 3 Rows

Tips for Pattern

Chain 4 at the beginning of each row. The first 3 chains count as 1 double crochet. The 4th chain is counted as 1 stitch and is needed between the V Puff Stitch and the end of the row.

Turn project after each row.

Blocking the shawl will be based on your preference, please note it is not essential. Please note it may change the finished sizing by making it larger.

Abbreviations in Pattern

SK: Skip

ST(s): Stitch(es)

CH: Chain

DC: Double Crochet

PS: Puff Stitch

  1. Yarn over and insert hook into stitch.
  2. Yarn over and draw up a loop 5 times.
  3. With 11 loops on the hook, yarn over and draw through all of the loops on the hook. Chain 1 to close the puff stitch.

VPS: V Puff Stitch – Below is created in the same stitch.

  1. Perform Puff Stitch.
  2. Chain 1 – the chain in here will be known as the Designated Stitch for the rows after Row 2.
  3. Perform Puff Stitch.

The Chain 1 Stitch in between the 2 Puff Stitches (See Red Arrow Below) will be the Designated Stitch moving forward for the rest of the project. 



Chain 133 loosely.

ROW 1: SC in second ch from hook. SC in each ch to end of row. (132)

ROW 2: Ch 4. Sk first 2 sts, VPS in next st. Ch 3. *Sk next 5 sts. VPS in next st. Ch 3.* Repeat steps between * * until 5 sts remain. Sk the next st, VPS in next st. Sk 2 sts. DC in last st. (132)

ROW 3 – ROW 24: Ch 4. *VPS in the Designated Stitch. Ch 3.* Repeat steps between * * until you reach the last Designated Stitch. VPS in last Designated Stitch. Ch 1. DC in last st of the row – which is the 3rd chain in the beginning of the row’s chain 4. (132) Below is a sample picture of the beginning of the Rows. In this picture I have already Chained 4. The next step will be to perform a V Puff Stitch in the Designated Stitch – see Red Arrow.


Below is a sample picture of the end of the Row. In this picture I have already Chained 3. The next step will be to perform a V Puff Stitch in the Designated Stitch - see Red Arrow. Then Chain 1, and double crochet in the last stitch (it is the 3rd chain in the beginning of the previous row’s chain 4)

Fasten off and weave in all edges.

Optional Tassel

Create Tassel either by:

Following instructions on a Tassel Maker Tool. Wrap at least 20 times.


With a 5 inch square of cardboard or plastic, wrap the yarn 20 times around the square. Following instruction A Cut a piece of yarn around 15 inches in length, and tie a knot at the top. cut the yarn at the bottom of the cardboard. Following instruction B, cut another piece of yarn 15 inches long and wrap it around the body of the tassel.

Create 2 tassels. With the yarn attached in step A, attach one tassel to each of the corners on Row 24. Weave in ends of the yarn used to attach to project.