Little Raven Fiber Arts is a one-woman force of creative energy channeled through hooks and yarn. A self-taught fiber artist with more than 15 years' experience building things with stitches, Brenna has the type of yarn stash that, if unraveled and tied end to end, would stretch to the moon and back. Though also an accomplished knitter and cross-stitcher, crochet is her happy place. Her favorite thing about what she makes is the joy it inspires in others. If her work has made you smile, then her work here is done.

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Worsted weight yarn in tan, brown, and dark brown

Size 4.0mm and 8.0mm crochet hooks


Fabric paint

Yarn needle

Stitches used:

Ch - chain

Slp st - slip stitch

Sc - single crochet

INC - increase

DEC - decrease

BOBBLE - *yarn over (YO) and insert into the indicated st, YO and pull through the stitch, YO and pull through 2 loops*, rep *-* until there are 5 loops on the hook. YO and pull through all 5 loops: ch 1 to complete the bobble.



Chipmunk: 18 sc x 19 rows = 4” 

Acorn: 12 sc x 13 rows = 4” 


Chipmunks: 2” x 2” ball

Acorn: 4.5” tall x 4” wide (with cap closed, including stem)


The chipmunk is worked in entirely one piece, with just the stripes added at the end. Do not join rounds with slip st or ch 1 at the beginning of rounds. Use a stitch marker to keep your place.



With tan and 4.0mm hook, ch 2 or magic loop

  1. 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook / magic loop (6)
  2. INC, *ch 2, 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook* (ear made), INC in next 3, sc in next sc, rep *-* (ear made), then sc in same sc as last sc (to make an INC with the ear in the middle), INC (12) 
  3. *INC, sc* (18)
  4. *INC, sc 2* 2x, BOBBLE, sc in same sc (INC complete), sc 2, INC, sc, BOBBLE; rep *-* 2x (24)
  5. Sc 11, *ch 2, INC in 2nd ch from hook* (hand made), sc 3, rep *-* (hand made), sc 10

   6-9.  Sc (24)

  1.   DEC, [ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next ch, dc in last 2 ch] (tail made), sc 2, *DEC, sc 2* rep *-* around (18)

STUFF the body firmly

  1. *DEC, sc* rep *-* around (12)
  2. DEC around (6)

FO and close up any remaining hole. Weave in the ends.

With scrap dark brown, make three stripes down the chipmunk’s back.

Using black fabric paint, add eyes and a nose. Allow to dry according to label instructions.



Holding brown and dark brown together as two strands, starting with a long tail, ch 2 or magic loop

  1. 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook / magic loop (6)
  2. INC (12)
  3. *INC, sc* (18)
  4. INC, sc 2 (24)
  5. INC, sc 3 (30)

   6-7.  Sc (30)

  1. *ch 1, slp st in next sc* rep *-* around

FO and weave in this end only. 



Thread the beginning tails of the cap (held double) onto the yarn needle. 

On the underside of the cap (wrong side), thread the tail through the stitch directly opposite where the tail is, and pull only far enough to create a loop. 

Pull that loop up through the center with the 8.0mm crochet hook (to the right side), then pull the tails up to the right side as well (careful not to lose the loop). 

Put the loop on the hook and ch 4. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 2 ch, FO: pull the tails back through to the wrong side and weave in the ends. 


Holding brown and tan together as two strands and using 8.0mm hook, ch 2 or magic loop

  1. 6 sc (6)
  2. *INC, sc* rep *-* around (9)
  3. INC around (18)
  4. *INC, sc 2* rep *-* around (24)
  5. *INC, sc 7* rep *-* 3x (27)

   6-9.   Sc in each sc around (27)

  1.   *DEC, sc 7* 3x (24)

FO with a medium-length tail. Thread this onto your yarn needle (both strands). 


Fit the acorn cap onto the acorn nut. Whipstitch the last 3 sc of the acorn nut to the inside of the cap, to about round 5 of the cap. Make sure none of the whipstitches in the acorn body colors show on the outside (top) of the cap. 

Weave in any remaining ends, and you’re done!


Ashlie Avery


Haven’t made this yed but as soon as my new hook arrives I am

— Anna