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Oops Limited Edition Crochet Hooks

Oops Limited Edition Crochet Hooks

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Oops hooks are hooks that have minor scratches, pits, cracks or double stamped and minimal coloring. Oops hooks are sold as is at 50% off retail. No replacements or exchanges will be accepted on oops hooks with the exception of breakage during transit. 



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  • Slim Ergonomic Design

    A more slim ergonomic handle makes it easy for both pen & knife holders to work easily. The hook features a shorter shaft that allows for better control while working stitches.

  • Uniquely Handmade

    Each crochet hook is hand poured and carved one by one. Each color is hand spiraled which means each hook is completely unique!

  • In-Line Hook Head

    Perfect for beginners or advanced crocheters alike! The deep seated throat prevents yarn from slipping off the hook. The pointed tip head allows you to easily insert into stitches.